Tuesday, 10 November 2009

So Christmas Begins...

So, I'm going to start with an admission.

I am a total Scrooge. Christmas really gets to me. I find the entire thing irritatingly materialistic, I detest the fact that it starts in August, and tend to find the entire day a bit of a let down. I'm afraid that in my mind, Christmas is for Children and those hideously gooey couples who baby-talk to each other anyway.

All this lack of festive spirit is a bit of an issue when you run a Church Choir. Especially when that Church Choir, however well-meaning they are, are all a wee bit old and thus take not only a lot of rehearsal, but bless them, they need reminding of everything they've already learnt, every week. Age does that to you... So Music for Christmas must start at least a month in advance, and today we really went for it. I did my best to choose pieces I could bear, though I'm already somewhat limited by the fact that my Sopranos suffer from Too-Old-To-Sing-Soprano-Anymore Syndrome, so it has to be easy, bearable and not very high... Bless them though, tonight they really excelled themselves. They actually sounded like a proper choir at some points!

Highlight of the evening was probably when one of the younger members declared that the choir should have a Ceildh Evening in the new year. This left me in a sticky situation, as there was no way I could politely say that most of them were in no fit shape/age range to be dancing like wild things, and some of the older ones were looking a wee bit concerned at the idea of this. I'm just hoping and praying that something happens to put the lady in question off, or I'm going to be taking suggestions as to the best way to disrupt a Ceildh, on the grounds of Public Health...

In other news, I was today grilled by a delightful patient about how I managed to achieve such a 'funny voice' (I think she meant my accent...), and she then came out with the immortal line "Miss, you should get a boyfriend". I had not mentioned my lovelife, there was just an automatic assumption I didn't already have one!

Then I got to spend a fun afternoon Immunising Oranges against HPV. Yes, in these technologically advanced days, we still use oranges. Led to some interesting pre-immunisation questions "Do Oranges have a Deltoid Muscle?", "Do I really have to ask if the Orange maybe pregnant?!" (Yes, I did. Role Play with Oranges. Insert kinky joke here...).

It's been a bizarrely emotional couple of days, veering from being in floods of tears at some of the things kids have to go through, to building dens with rooms full of 4 year olds. So worth it though.

GJ xx

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