Thursday, 31 December 2009


For those of you who were worried, Pat's Cats made it into the Cattery, and she made it to Church at Christmas. Yes, it made my day, too...


Apologies, and Festive regards...

I've been rubbish and not blogged for over a month. This is partly because I suck, and partly because my darling baby brother has decided to spend a few weeks in and out of Intensive Care with Pneumonia. It's been pretty rough, but we still have him, and he's heading in the right direction now.

Otherwise, in the North:

- I finished my placement, which actually turned out to be pretty interesting, and got a good report at the end (and a bottle of wine, which is nothing compared to the amount I drank in the process of the placement, but hell, nice to top up the alcohol stream occasionally - hate the idea of having some blood in there!).

- I'm now in the process of flat-hunting (again!) - Contract runs out in Feb, so looking for a new, cheaper place, where everything is slightly less shiney, and I'm less terrified of breaking things! A Sofa for visiting people would also be good - we'll get there (that's me and shiney new flatmate Joe - I'm giving in and living with a Northerner - I figure having a translator on hand is always useful.

- Had a lovely v mini mini-break with OWD, with another one booked for later this month. Lush. Am going to need a break! (Cue dopey smile)

Christmas didn't really happen here (we spent it in a cubicle with the little man), but the choir carried on regardless, and coped very well with a v Stressed Director. On Christmas Eve, we were joined by 4 gorgeous little people (one of whom did a LUSH Once in Royal Solo - CUTE!). One of them was only 5, but knew all the words to Away in a Manger, which he sang at the top of his voice - aw!

Either way, today is NYE, and I'm determined to enjoy this more than Christmas. I even went to give blood this afternoon, so it should take very little for me to get drunk! OWD is sunning himself on a beach somewhere (ever the socialite!), and I'm surrounded by snow (there's no justice in the world!), so I plan on consuming a considerable amount of the wine selection in my parent's house tonight.

With the new year about to begin, a moment to look back:

In the last decade, I have:
- Celebrated 2 significant birthdays
- Matriculated twice and Graduated once (so far)
- Joined the Trustee board of a LUSH, award-winning Charity, and made some fantastic friends in the process.
- Met people who have changed my life and made me a far better person as a result (well, I think so, anyway) - Hols, Emily, OWD, Baby Boy, MBH, Alex, Oli & Kati and S&T. I love you all (in a variety of ways...!)

So Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for putting up with me, those of you who have, and here's to a New Year full of Adventure.

GJ xxx